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The mortgage servicing industry is now demanding that its legal counsel offer a full range of services our firm currently provides. This trend has emerged because lenders and servicers have ascertained that it is far more cost effective and efficient to have a default file handled by one firm from beginning to end rather than many. Our firm currently represents several clients in the areas of foreclosure, bankruptcy, evictions and REO closings, and we are confident that we can provide you with the full range of services necessary to assist it in accomplishing its mission of efficient default servicing.

Services - Foreclosure


Foreclosure Department: Our Foreclosure Department is comprised of four major processes; First Legal, Pre- Judgment, Judgment and Post Judgment, each of which is staffed with highly skilled individuals.

Loss Mitigation Department: Our firm has a trained representative who can assist in the preparation of Repayment Agreements, Deeds in Lieu and Loan Modification Documents to assist the mortgagors, servicers, investors and insurers. Our ultimate goal is to use the most cost-effective method of liquidation for the mortgagors and our clients.

Monitor Department: Our Monitor Department is dedicated to protect the interest of Junior Mortgages when a Senior Foreclosure action is filed. All necessary steps are taken to ensure that our office is notified of all information regarding the Senior Lien’s Foreclosure action, including but not limited to Final Judgments, Sales, Bankruptcy and Surplus Funds.

Reinstatement and Payoff Department: This department is responsible for handling all Reinstatement/Payoff inquiries from mortgagors and clients. Our highly skilled staff is trained to handle high volume phone calls with professionalism and courtesy.